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Since 1990 Haldatec have been providing products and services to the Oil, Gas and related industries in Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Papua Nugini, India and New Zealand.

Our main focus initially was in Oil and Gas Sampling, since then there has been a broader involvement into areas such as Gas Control Valves, Gas Tank Blanketing, Pipeline Insertion Devices and Odorant Injection facilities.

The product range under our house product label EnPro has expanded and developed to compliment our core business, driven by customer needs. There have been several innovative designs, adaptations and applications introduced to solve problems and make our range as comprehensive as possible, without losing sight of our main product focus. Where we utilize equipment from other suppliers, we ensure it is sourced from suppliers who are able to provide ongoing back-up and local compliance where required, other considerations such as Australian Design Approval has been obtained for equipment where necessary.

To further ensure we provide the best possible support for our customers and suppliers we have certification to AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008.


Serving the needs and solving problems for customers is our focus, where we consider providing a holistic approach, offering solutions to applications where often several different approaches are considered, then in consultation with our client, the most appropriate choice of product or system is selected to cater for immediate and future needs.

We aim to provide our customers with products systems and services, which includes training, that will be delivered on-time and backed up by an organisation that is prepared to go to almost any lengths to give complete customer satisfaction.

We also have certification for Testing and Inspection of Gas  Cylinders to comply with AS 2337

We have available affiliated organisations outside Victoria who can offer service and product back-up.

Our modern premises offer well appointed offices and workshop facilities, headquartered in the Melbourne suburb of Mitcham, located for easy access to suppliers and facilities.


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+61 3 9872 5822

Fax: +61 3 9872 5129


PO Box 3067

Nunawading vic 3131


Unit 11, 27-33 Thornton Cres

Mitcham Vic 3132

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