Pressure regulators are self-contained devices that are often defined by their application.

Hence similar regulators can be described as Instrument or Analyser or High/Low Pressure or flow.

Whether the regulator is a liquid or gas regulator they all work in the same way. Multiple Porting Configurations are available. Sizing is of course different with flow being constrained by the physical size of the regulator, flow configuration and the Cv rating.

Downstream pressure regulation is required for most applications with the pressure being sensed within the outlet port. Sometimes remote sensing may be required, and this feature is available with some regulators. Upstream pressure regulation is available with the regulator then being described as a Back-Pressure regulator.

Expectations of performance are constrained by:

  • The size and type of diaphragm or piston – the measuring element.
  • The spring – the controlling element.

High pressure outlet expectations will compromise outlet pressure sensitivity.

Available materials of construction will limit the types of fluid or gases that can be controlled as well as the operating temperature.

In addition to sizing, for regulators taking larger pressure cuts, temperature drops due to the Joule-Thompson effect may create a problem. This can be addressed by utilising an external heating source such as a Heated regulator or a heated manifold on the outlet.

For regulators providing analysis samples with high pressure drops, a Pipeline Insertion type can be utilised. It is advisable to have wake frequency and bending moment calculations performed for all equipment inserted into a flowing stream. In addition, dew point analysis calculations are able to be provided by Haldatec so the correct method is deployed.

Haldatec can offer a wide range of regulators that are normally stainless steel construction, either diaphragm or piston operated, which allows them to accommodate a wide range of inlet and outlet pressures, up to high pressure Hydraulic regulators with special application for Water Glycol duty. The insertion and automatic insertion regulators are used by all leading analyser suppliers for sampling and on-line analyser systems.

Haldatec can provide from the range of Pressure Tech and EnPro products outlined below.

Low Flow Pressure Regulators

This range of low-flow pressure regulators includes both diaphragm and piston...

Our EnPro Pipeline Insertion Regulators have been developed to provide a regulated sample supply to H2S analysers, chromatographs, moisture analysers, instrument gas take-offs, and other online...

Our EnPro Pipeline Insertion Regulators have been developed to provide a regulated sample supply to H2S analysers, gravitometers, chromatographs calorimeters, moisture analysers, instrument gas...

The heated regulators available include both diaphragm and piston sensed models.

The Pressure Tech XHS310 and XHS311 models are single heated regulators available in side-entry (SE) or in-line (IL)

This range of high pressure regulators are primarily for use on gas applications. They are piston-sensed regulators covering pressure ranges up to 1,034 bar (15,000 psi). Cv 0.06-2.0

Pressure Tech...

Hydraulic piston-sensed regulators are for use on liquid applications. With pressures up to 1,380 bar (20K psi), they can also incorporate captured vent.

Pressure Tech HYD691

The HYD691 is a...

A range of hydrogen fuel cell regulators are available, from ultra-compact and lightweight regulators to on board vehicle regulators and high pressure refuelling solutions.

Pressure Tech...

Back pressure regulators are used for upstream pressure regulation, accurately controlling the inlet pressures to any process. This range includes both diaphragm and piston sensed models.


Subsea pressure regulators are designed to operate at depths of up to 3,000m. They can use either the external seawater pressure as a reference or work within a sealed chamber to remain completely...


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