Haldatec designs and manufactures equipment for the Oil, Gas and related industries. Our main focus initially was in Oil and Gas Sampling. Since then there has been a broader involvement into areas such as Instrumentation Valves, Laboratory Equipment, Pipeline Insertion Devices, Dew point /CFD analysis and Odourant & Chemical Injection skids.

Our house product label, EnPro, has been developed to complement our core business and has been driven by customer needs. Our comprehensive range includes innovative designs, adaptations and applications introduced to solve problems for our customers.

We provide a holistic approach, offering solutions to applications where often several different approaches are considered, then in consultation with our client, the most appropriate choice of product or system is selected to cater for immediate and future needs.

Where we utilise equipment from other suppliers, we ensure it is sourced from suppliers who are able to provide ongoing back-up and local compliance where required. Other considerations, such as local Design Approval, has been obtained for equipment where necessary.

To further ensure we provide the best possible support for our customers and suppliers we have certification to AS/NZ ISO 9001:2015. Haldatec has had this certification since 2009.

EnPro FC Filter Dryer

The EnPro FC range of Filter Dryers are used in pipelines and systems where it is required to filter and to remove sulphur / mercaptans from gas.


EnPro FGV Vent...

EnPro FP-100 Filter

The FP series filters are high pressure, screwed body, replaceable element, instrument type filters developed for particulate filtration of gases or liquids.


EnPro BFAO Flow Absorbent Odouriser

The EnPro range of Bypass Flow Absorbent Odourisers has been developed to provide gas odourisers for small installations that do not require or cannot justify...

Traditionally Bypass odourant systems were wick or based on a fixed differential, and accuracy over a range of flow was difficult if not impossible to maintain. Haldatec can offer bypass systems that...

Gone are the days of unreliable leaky pumps and wasted odourant. Our injection systems use equipment that offer advantages over other offerings, with a fresh approach that extends equipment life and...

Haldatec supplies odourant monitors from the Witech range of Odourant Monitors, which use industry-proven electrochemical sensor technology to measure the level of odorants in natural gas or...

EnPro CA Calibration Tube

The EnPro CA Series Calibration Tube can be used as a panel mounted reservoir or vapour elimination tube. The tube can be provided with a graduated scale so that pumping...


Odourgone is an organo-imino compound that offers significant advantages for the treatment of Hydrogen Sulphide. Its chemistry specifically targets hydrogen sulphide, organo-sulphur...

Monitoring process temperatures is important for metering processes.

EnPro PPAI Pressure Assisted Insertion Probe

EnPro PPAI Pipeline Insertion Probes have been designed to be fully inserted and...

It is important to evenly disperse odourant into the gas pipeline, if the odourant levels are monitored downstream. The complete dispersion of odourant is also important if the pipework needs to...

Hot loop sample probes are used in applications that require shorter sample response times and/or pressure regulation needs to occur closer to the analyser.

EnPro PFP Pitot Probe

The EnPro PFP...

The PAM style probe is used for applications that don’t require insertion or retraction into high pressure pipelines.

EnPro PAM Adjustable Probe

The fully adjustable PAM sample probe is designed to...

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“Great end to end service from Haldatec. They really took the time to understand our needs, then design and manufacture a solution for us. They have also provided ongoing support and advice whenever we’ve needed it since 1998.”

DP – Sydney

“Very impressed with their attention to detail and commitment to designing a system which caters not only for our immediate needs, but also looking forward to our future needs. Their holistic approach has given us the confidence that they will always recommend the most appropriate choice and that they really look after their customers.”

CR - Sydney

“I have been dealing with Haldatec for the past 15 years. In that time, they have consistently delivered beyond my expectations. From technical innovations to personalised site support, I can thoroughly recommend Haldatec for your pressure control / instrumentation requirements.” 

TW – Melbourne

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