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EnPro BFAO Flow Absorbent Odouriser for small to medium LNG Regasification Facilities

The EnPro range of Bypass Flow Absorbent Odourisers has been developed to provide gas odourisers for small installations that do not require or cannot justify instrument controlled injection of odourant. It is one of the options we supply in our odourant injection product range.

Typical applications where these devices are used are for small/medium LNG re-gasification facilities.

The installation consists of a small control panel piped to the high pressure side of the re-gasification systems pressure regulator. This provides the pressure required to create a small bypass flow loop which is fed through a needle valve to control flow and a pressure regulator to reduce the pressure and then through the odourant canister before it is returned back to the process stream on the low pressure side of the re-gasification system pressure regulator.

The only control needed is via a needle valve on the odourant panel which is used to vary the odourant concentration by restricting the vapour flow and a pressure regulator which controls the pressure flowing into the odourant canister ensuring it is not over-pressurised.

Note: It is important when using these devices that the odourant level is regularly and frequently monitored with adjustments made accordingly.

The vessel should be kept at a constant temperature if possible. This will limit the variation in absorption characteristics of the odourant with a change in temperature.

The vessels can be changed over or decanted on site, with a minimal release of odourant vapour. This is in contrast to the more difficult procedure required for traditional 'farm tap' odourisers with the attendant problem of exposed wicks containing liquid odourant.

Specifications: BFAO Flow Absorbent Odouriser

  • Vessel: Stainless Steel
  • W.P.: up to 2.55 MPa
  • Design code: AS 2971 / AS1210 Class 2A
  • Capacity: 5,7 or 20L (other sizes avail)
  • Level Indicator: Mechanical
  • Relief Valve: 316SS.
  • Gauge: S/S
  • Iso Valves: 316SS
  • Check Valves: 316SS
  • QC Fittings: 316SS
  • Flex Hose: SS braided PTFE lined.

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